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Gary’s 8 On Your Side — Sept. 13 (Woodworking)

Posted by netorius on September 23, 2007

KLAS-TV – Sauder Woodworking has received 43 reports of TV stands collapsing. Most of the reported incidents involved stands that had recently been assembled. Three injuries required medical treatment including a broken arm, a torn rotator cuff with a

Jeffersonville man is master chair maker
Times Herald-Record – He’s even invented a new tool for woodworking that I’m not at liberty to describe fully here, since the patent is still pending, but when he says it’s revolutionary, I believe him. Even my 10-year-old daughter understood it it was one of those

Neighbors defend filming outside Howe’s house
Detroit Free Press – does Avon (wink, wink, wink), nobody has a tax prep business out of their home ((wink, wink, wink), or does consulting work there (wink, wink, wink), or designs web pages, or does web work in the home office (wink, wink, wink), or does woodworking to


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