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Art | This artist defies categories (Woodworking)

Posted by netorius on July 22, 2007

Philadelphia Daily News – His sculptures and objects frequently display an obsession with, and mastery of, woodworking techniques, but they could never be mistaken for products of a hobbyist’s basement workshop. Westermann’s art is so distinctive that, once one learns its

Timber Industry 1991-2000
Kommersant – In the same month, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation gave the state company Roslesprom a month to prepare a draft resolution on classifying logging enterprises and enterprises of the timber, pulp and paper, and woodworking

NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES: Woodworker, 85, has nice furniture to show for his
Florida Times-Union – David still teaches youngsters woodworking projects,” said neighbor Betty Backes. “Recently, he helped a young man build a gun cabinet. He has a supply of soft drinks for the kids and a television for them to watch sporting events while they work

Perm Region
Kommersant – Kirova), the Sorbent and Halogen (Galogen) plants, and others], and woodworking (a timber complex, sawmills, a housebuilding combine, and a furniture factory). A paper mill, a large printing plant, a well-known keyboard instrument factory, and

Ulyanovsk Region
Kommersant – The textile, light, and food industries are also well developed, and companies in the construction, woodworking, and forest industries operate here as well. Altogether, there are 200 large industrial companies employing nearly 174 000 people. A

Featured PRFirm
PRWeb – “PRWeb has my vote for the #1 way to launch a new company and for social media press release. I don t work for them, I ve just seen the results. And the results are amazing.” – Janet Meiner, Internet Marketer & Writer NewspaperGrl “If you do one

Press Release Tips and Template
PRWeb – Our public relations firm consistently uses the PRWeb Podcast service for our clients, but I ve not taken advantage of the service very often for our own PR efforts with TopRank. Yesterday for the second time ever, I personally used PRWeb s

Press Release Tips and Template
PRWeb – You do not need any permission to link to any of the pages on this site. Limited copyright is granted for you to use and/or republish any of the press releases on this site for any legitimate media purpose as long as you reference PRWeb as the source

Archbold hosts national event; Stryker couple receives honor
Crescent-News – At the beginning of the meeting, FRB member Maynard Sauder of Sauder Woodworking, said of Vernon Sloan: “Vernon wanted to send grain overseas and needed two semis to load and transport the grain to New Orleans. He was told to call me. To make a long


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