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Plans for new elevator at Hallie Ford museum get stuck (Fine homebuilding)

Posted by netorius on July 10, 2007

Statesman Journal – The basement, which wasn’t changed when the two-story building was remodeled for museum use, will get new storage systems, a full carpentry shop, a matting and framing shop and new offices for the curators. Construction should be completed in September

Evan Almighty
Akron Beacon Journal – Pet Detective, cuts away to cute monkeys showing off their carpentry skills the way romantic comedy directors cut away to cute dogs barking or looking sad. It’s a crutch when there’s nothing else to lean on. (The script comes from Steve Oedekerk, who

Woman asks town to enforce codes
Monroe County Online – The Hauns also said they have replaced much of the roof, most of the windowpanes, some carpentry work, mowed and planted some flowers. Melson said he appreciated any efforts the Hauns made, but stated, From a legal stand point, I can tell

Hot on the Hoffa trail
Detroit Free Press – Sheeran also claimed to do “carpentry,” meaning he disposed of bodies. According to Sheeran, Hoffa had more than one enemy’s house “painted.” Lured to the Beaverland house by Sheeran, Hoffa had his own house “painted” when Sheeran fired two shots into


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