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May 2007 (Woodworking)

Posted by netorius on June 5, 2007

Belief.Net – Daniel Larison’s website has been down all day — the bandwidth has been exceeded. Argh! I need my daily fix of the Dark Paleocon Lord’s brilliant musings, and I’m not getting it . John Podhoretz, I know you’re behind this somehow So, if it’s

Kamchatka Region
Kommersant – The main industries are forestry and woodworking, shipbuilding and ship repair, and building material production. Coal is also produced in the region, and the Pauzhetskaya Geothermal Power Plant (Pauzhetskaya GES) is in operation. HISTORY The first

Irkutsk Region
Kommersant – The forest, woodworking, and pulp and paper industries are currently undergoing intensive development. HISTORY People began settling Pribaikalye at the end of the Paleolithic, about 25 000-15 000 years ago. Migrations of Old Mongolian (Proto-Buryat


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