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Kirov Region (Carpentry)

Posted by netorius on May 25, 2007

Kommersant – The main industrial sectors are engineering and metalworking, nonferrous and ferrous metallurgy, and the chemical, microbiological, forest, woodworking, pulp and paper, light (including leather shoes and furs), and food industries. Production of

Heritage School to offer courses in folk arts
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Dr. Carl Robertson demonstrates woodworking techniques using an ax. Dr. Robertson will teach a variety of classes at the Heritage School during the summer and fall beginning in June, including making buckets, rakes and hayforks, wheelbarrows and

What cruise buffets can learn from wild animals
CNBC – He was the kind of lean and impish retiree who holds his tray with both hands forearms flexed and looked as though he spends Saturday afternoons flipping through back issues of Fine Woodworking saying, “These idiots don’t know what they’re

Reflections of a high school principal
Argus Observer Online – I can honestly say I haven t enjoyed administration as much as I enjoyed teaching, but it s been fun, he said. I love kids, I love my job, and once this is over, they can find me hunting, fishing or woodworking, which are other than my

Bryansk Region
Kommersant – Companies in the engineering, metalworking, electronics, chemical, forest, woodworking, pulp and paper, light, textile, and building material industries are the leading producers. The main industrial centers are Bryansk, Dyatkovo, and Klintsy. The

Tomsk Region
Kommersant – Substantial available reserves have led to the formation of a large, regionally important woodworking, pulp and paper, wood chemical, and furniture industry. The main kinds of plant products harvested or prepared in Tomsk Region consist of pine nuts


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