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At Giving Tree, former homeless handcraft toys, create own self-worth (Woodworking)

Posted by netorius on March 23, 2007

Seattle Post Intelligencer – Gallentine has loved woodworking since childhood and asked the employee at The Giving Tree if there was a volunteer opportunity. “Here,” she said, pulling up a chair. “Sit down.” He joined others handcrafting toys, and learned that the affiliated

Lands You Can t See in a Guidebook
New York Times – The materials go back hundreds of years to ancient woodworking tools used in New England before the introduction of European iron implements. Contemporary objects in the show for the most part carry on the tribal traditions, like the simple and

From The Archives
New Orleans Times-Picayune – Drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, metal arts, mosaics, costuming, woodworking, computer art, photography, puppetry, stilt-walking, singing, acting, musical theater, instrumental music, video, creative writing, sign language, dance, cooking

Karl Plitt, 87; Oversaw NIST Product Engineering
Washington Post – His other interests included raising and showing champion collies, raising orchids in his Kensington greenhouse, fine woodworking and photography. More recently, Mr. Plitt and his wife bought and developed Trout Run Farm in Wolf Gap. For their efforts


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