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On-the-job training Pathfinder vocational students test skills in real-life settings  (Fine homebuilding)

Posted by netorius on March 18, 2007

BELCHERTOWN – Imagine having a state-of-the-art heating and central air conditioning system installed and paying only 20 percent above the cost of materials for the work while making a major contribution to the local school system.

Tips Clear Clutter Out of Spring Cleaning Chores at 
Spring is almost here and homeowners can really use tips to help make their annual cleaning projects simple and efficient, reports Whether homeowners are looking to do the work themselves or hire out a cleaning contractor, the Web site hosts an interactive forum that provides timely shortcuts.

Hawaii at Work: Parking enforcer 
Tammy Kahanu really loved being a carpenter, which she did for about five years as a member of the Hawaii Carpenters Union. But about eight years ago she decided to shift gears and become a police officer.

Makeover sought for Job Corps 
Esther R. Johnson, director of the Job Corps, wants the corps to aim higher.

MA riggers lic #12134 MA hoMe iMproveMent contrActor reg. # 122824 Eric Johansen 
MA riggers lic #12134 MA hoMe iMproveMent contrActor reg. # 122824 Eric Johansen total customer satisfactionour specialty!

Otto Sterling Swenson 
Otto Sterling Swenson, known to everyone as Sterling, born May 29, 1929 and passed March 8, 2007 at his Lakeport home, at the age of 77. He lived a full life he loved to sail in the San Francisco Bay in his 30 foot sloop, and later in life, worked in his shop.

Suspect is arrested in fatal cafe shooting 
March 14 (STAFF WRITERand Dan LaidmanCOPLEY NEWS SERVICE): In the end, it was his odd-looking truck that gave away Ralph Stephen Garbarini, the suspect in a killing so random that it became the talk of San Diego. Garbarini, suspected of gunning down a popular businessman for no apparent reason at a dessert cafe near Hillcrest, was arrested in Hollywood yesterday after security guards saw his …

Funding school reforms may tax governor 
Sacramento The argument has raged for decades: Democrats contend that schools need more money in order to teach better. No, Republicans counter, the schools must reform. Now there’s a debate winner.

Saddles, Other Items Stolen From Home For Abused Children 
MULBERRY — Vandals broke into a carpentry shop at a home for abused children and stole all the children’s saddles, food and tools, the Arkansas Sheriff’s Youth Ranches said Friday.

What’s hot for home — Landscapers, builders show their stuff 
Ponds are a little pass , but waterfalls are, well, wow. “Ponds have become a little bit a thing of the past,” Joe Stevens, owner of Stevens Landscaping of Yakima, explained Tuesday at State Fair Park. “They’re high maintenance.


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