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Beat the blahs Don’t run out of fun during school vacation week (Fine homebuilding)

Posted by netorius on March 6, 2007

Eagle-Tribune – Next week, the village offers several school vacation activities, including an “Arts Apprentice” program, which runs Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The workshop explores arts and crafts – candle-dipping, sewing, woodworking, weaving

Antiques lover buys piece of Monroe history
News-Star – Initial plans by Lockwood are to repaint and repair the exterior of the 5,700-square-foot home, which is marked primarily by peeling and the need for some woodworking. The first floor of the home is in good shape with most of the rooms still

February 2007
Belief.Net – Jesus, be with me! Carbon monoxide. The method Aunt Mary Lou used. But Eric’s woodworking equipment takes up the whole garage. I can’t fit the car in. Wait. I have Bill’s keys. I could use his garage. But that’s kind of rude. And it wouldn’t look like

Business Newsmakers
South Coast Today – He is an elected member of his town’s government and enjoys woodworking and restoring his antique home in North Attleboro. o Christopher P. Boudreau of New Bedford has been named the leading producer for Boston Mutual Life Insurance Co.’s New

Homeowners Clinic Expert Q & A – Jan. 2006
Popular Mechanics – drywall screw through the bottom of the hinge mortise. However, using a drywall screw in these applications requires a deft touch and experience. Also, a drywall screw may work loose over time, but it’s unlikely that a properly installed woodworking

LONNIE SPATH — LSPATH@POSTSTAR.COM Brian Ruth demonstrates his
Post-Star – Always fascinated with woodworking, Ruth worked as a tree surgeon while attending Villanova University. After graduating with a degree in business administration, he chose to meld his interest in woodworking and art with his skill with a chainsaw. “My

Man of mettle
Sun-Journal – Some years ago, when he discovered Colby College’s Jan Plan included a course in woodworking, he donated an entire blacksmith shop to the college so that students could work with their hands and discover the joy of creating metalwork. He says the

Jeffrey Automotive Introduces Brand New Plan for a DIY Electric Car – Plans are for a DIY Electric Car that can be built in the garage or workshop using basic woodworking and engineering skills. American Precision Prototyping, LLC (Tulsa, OK) hires Joe Llamas as Vice President of Spectrum 3D, Anaheim, CA Publish

Sverdlovsk Region
Kommersant – oil, metallurgical, and electrical industries; excavators with various bucket capacities; steam and gas turbines; farm machinery; railway freight cars; diesel engines and generators; trucks; press-forging machines; metal-cutting and woodworking


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