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Everybody says wow!  (Fine homebuilding)

Posted by netorius on February 25, 2007

Mike Dube and the timber-frame home he is building on Marston Drive. In the heart of the Dunlap Place developments stately brick-faced homes, something out of the Middle Ages is rising from the frozen ground.

The Art of a Hal Ketchum Song 
The one thing that sets the songwriting of this month’s featured artist, Hal Ketchum, apart from some of his Nashville counterparts is depth and detail. Not content to express his art solely in his music, Ketchum is also known for his painting, sculpting and carpentry work, including a previous career as a cabinet maker. In this final article of our featured artist coverage we’ll examine some of …

Students battle ice to prepare for house’s move 
CARLISLE – If only the log home under construction were finished, its builders could light a fire and hunker down while they wait out the winter weather.

City, state grapple with lack of qualified workers 
Great Falls contractors are scrambling to find carpenters and other skilled workers. “This is the worst shortage I’ve seen in my 31 years in business,” said Brad Talcott, president of James Talcott Construction.

Saving ‘starfish’ 
Sudanese girls sing and clap as they wait to attend school at the Nakwatom Heritage Academy near the Kenyan border. About 750 orphans attend the school, a project of Culpeper-based Persecution Project Foundation.

Nicholas Brown: Volunteering in New Orleans 
“Ow, goddammit!” The words fill the air like the song of some ill-tempered bird. This is the call of the amateur carpenter, a species usually native to the suburbs, that has migrated in flocks to New Orleans over the past year-and-a-half. Since joining the flock, I have been hearing the squawks all morning. It is day five of a weeklong trip to New Orleans to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity …

Technical school to finance major expansion 
Dauphin County Technical School’s joint operating committee unanimously agreed last night to secure financing for a $27.2 million building project that will add 69,000 square feet to the school and renovate the existing building, built in 1968.

Work underway on Knoxville College dorm damaged in fire, fund set up 
Officials at Knoxville College say Wednesday work is underway on the men’s dorm damaged in a fire earlier this week. And an emergency fund has been set up for contributions.


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