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German journeymen charm the Coastside (Woodworking)

Posted by netorius on February 22, 2007

Half Moon Bay Review – Impromptu carpentry is what he loves most, he added. “I like working with the wood,” he said. “It’s warm.” Riedel and Karsunke have since continued south to Santa Cruz and beyond – in pursuit, they say, of warmer temperatures. When they arrive at their

Feb 20, 05:50 AM
INS News – It was reassuring that, for all of their athletic skills, the players weren’t necessarily any better at carpentry than the rest of us. “It’s the hammer,” Jerome Williams, the NBA’s community ambassador -who also played on the Pistons, Raptors and

Liberia: UN hands over school and vocational centre to help cement
UN News Centre – The centre provides skills in basic computer learning, health, hygiene and first aid, tailoring, carpentry, electrical and generator maintenance. Meanwhile, 450 students received certificates during the 4th cycle graduation ceremony after the

Balancing Trade-Offs of Living on Island
Vineyard Gazette – Christy nor her husband are involved in the typical Island trades – such as carpentry, landscaping or gardening. Her husband works at the Granary Gallery in West Tisbury, and for half the year commutes off Island at least one day a week to take on

Cairo for Kids
Egypt Today – Older kids can also try their hands at beginner s carpentry, iron bending and silk painting. My kids get a particular kick out of making cloth dolls. They get to choose a design and are then taught how to sew the pieces together, stuff them with


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