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Keeping their school (Woodworking)

Posted by netorius on February 5, 2007

Interlake Spectator – The school provides a place for 10 different community groups to meet and offers a full range of courses including woodworking and Home Ec-life skills, added Kinkead. Advocating to keep Ashern Early Years as is, the group believes that the loss of

Persons of interest
Lexington Herald-Leader – At home, Poole sometimes putters in his woodworking shop. Over the years, he has built tables, shelves and small items for his boat. Years of sailing and competitive racing have left Poole with a philosophy that can be applied to his job as a Fed

Community events at a glance
Ashland Daily Press – Woodworking in Port Wing Winter is the perfect time to start a woodworking project or finish the one you started last year or years ago. Ken Rantala s Woodworking Open Shop in Port Wing is the perfect place to do it. Brush up on your skills under

Carpentry wars: Form, function at the Sanderdome
Boston Herald – By 1 p.m. the races had started, and the Sanderdome (as Kenyon Woodworking was temporarily renamed) was becoming packed with carpenters, power tool enthusiasts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology students, a smattering of electrical engineers and

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Twin Falls Times-News – In all, he has taught woodworking for 46 years. “I’ve taught kids from first grade to college,” Gorringe says. “I love those kids like they were my own kids or grandkids.” He taught his students to craft things from wood, copper and plastic. They

CO2 Tech Appointed to Lead Assessment Phase of $20 Million World Bank
PrimeZone – its customers the benefits of its cutting-edge technological products, proprietary innovations and rich experience in industrial applications of control equipment, with petroleum, factories, mining, metals, boilers, glass, chemicals, woodworking

Tech education dept. upgraded
New Britain Herald – However, the technology education field has moved from woodworking and metal working – what was known as industrial arts for public school students – to design and innovation in technology and engineering. The traditional technical content of


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