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TRIP HARDLY A CAKEWALK: Decorator shares skills with Honduran inmates 

Posted by netorius on February 4, 2007

The e-mail sounded shady: “Cake decorating missionary needed in Honduras.” Tracy Wirta almost deleted it. Sure, she was a Wilton master cake decorator and founder of the Contra Costa Cake and Sugar Art Society. But a cake decorating missionary? Post a Comment

Carpentry wars: Form, function at the ‘Sanderdome’ 
When the belt sander was invented, it’s highly doubtful anyone thought drag racing would turn out to be one of its functions. Yet for almost 20 years, the New England Belt Sander Racing Association…

Savannah’s hidden history 
William Jay and Gen. James E. Oglethorpe are two names synonymous with downtown Savannah’s historic architecture and urban design.

He sees the forest, the trees, and lots of shapes in between 
RARITAN — Tell Gualberto Malave that the world is round and he would have to agree, but on a different level. Because he sees circular patterns in nearly everything he looks at, and inside his shop next to his Leland Street home he brings those shapes into focus.

Removing dark pet stains from wood floors is tricky 
Q How can we remove a dark pet stain from a hardwood floor? A When stains made by pets or water on wood are dark, it is usually an indication that the stain has penetrated the wood, working its way through whatever finish is on the surface. These stains can sometimes be removed by bleaching, but restoring the original color and finish of the wood can be difficult. The floor finish on and around …


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