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Posted by netorius on February 4, 2007

LUNENBURG — Fire damaged a detached garage-workshop on Burrage Street yesterday afternoon, but nobody was injured, according to Firefighter Jon C. Jones.

Tools and their amazing creations 
I’ve always been a tool nut, but this ardor has cooled considerably during the past few years. Three reasons: 1. Cost; 2. I never really mastered what tools I own and 3. They are a danger to what little good health I have.

Party Hats 
OK, let’s see. Checklist for this Sunday’s Super Bowl game: Chips. Check. Beverages. Check. Pot of chili. Check. Fun party hat. What? You don’t have a fun party hat?

If you love it, it must be for you 
The message came through loud and clear: find something you love to do, and do it. At the Rotary breakfast this week, Two Harbors High School welding instructor Mike Fitzpatrick talked about the program and its collaboration with local businesses.

At the Villages, sense of safety is shattered 
Officials estimate that 1,200 homes in the Villages were damaged or leveled.


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